Coaching Module #3

Who do you want to attract? Get clarity on what you want & call him in…
If you aren’t clear on what you want, how in the world do you ever think you’re going to attract or create it?!? I can guarantee if you haven’t made it happen, you aren’t clear on what it even looks like. I’ve got a great exercise that will get you crystal clear on what you want – AND – get you started on attracting it!
  • Place your order with the Universe and get ready to receive it!
  • Find out the single, most important trait that you MUST put at the top of your list…or you will pay the price later*
  • Learn how to become a Master MAN-ifester!™
  • Stop agonizing and second-guessing yourself about what you really want
  • Spot a great catch miles away

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Ruth Nathan - January 30, 2016

HI Dave

I’m enjoying the programme and working onit.

I find I now cant download the work sheet and cant download as an MP3.

can you help.

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