Coaching Module #1

I’m going to teach you all about human motivational psychology…and which needs OWN you and limit your choices, beliefs – and happiness. The good news is…you’ll also find out how to make better choices that really do serve you and welcome in what you really want.
  • Understand what exactly has been most important to you in the past.
  • Find out why you made those choices to begin with
  • Discover how to hit the reset button and just start over with a MUCH better plan
  • Learn how to change your state and just feel great any time you want to
  • Develop a whole new attitude that is irresistibly sexy & feels great, too!

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Ruth Nathan - January 29, 2016

Hi Dave. I listened to this a couple of days ago. Can really see how ,y need for predictability in relationships has caused me to rush into things leading to unsatisfactory relationships and also turning men off. But I think other parts of me are pretty healthy! Could do with more development on the growth front and focussing me satisfaction on developing my life outside of relationships with men.
I also have quite a strong adventurous streak and will push myself to do uncomfortable things.
Looking forward to talking with you and seeing where this journey takes me. Will listen to the second one now. Don’t get to see your face on my iPad for some reason. Watched the others on a lap top.
Over and out.

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