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The ManMagnetics™ Formula

M – Masculinity (Does she get me?)
A – Acceptance (Is she trying to change me?)
G – Grateful (Does she take me for granted?)
N – Nurturing (Does she make me feel like a man?)
E – Easy-going (Does she lets me win the game? Can I make her happy?)
T – Trustworthy (Does she have my back?)
I – Independence (Is she trying to cage me or take my freedom?)
C – Captivate (Is she in my head…and on the way to my heart?)
S – Soulmates (Is she unlike anyone I’ve ever met & do I want her on my journey with me?)



Why do I have to change?!? What about him?!?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do – but results don’t lie. If you want something different, you need to do something different. I believe people get the results THEY NEED and change doesn’t happen until they are ready to embrace it. Here’s what I KNOW – when you change, other people SHIFT. Obviously your relationships could use some improvement or you wouldn’t even be here now. You know what’s right for you & I support WHATEVER decision you make. Here’s the thing: I know it works, I’ve been blessed to see it work for my clients many times. And if you’re not as certain about it as I am…well, what do you have to lose?

Will I really see a difference in my guy?

Yes, you will. As I said earlier, when you change, other people SHIFT. Rapport and influence are not theories. They are backed up by science and can be measured. You are co-creating your every interaction and The ManMagnetics™ Formula gives you the ability and skills to do that far more consciously in order to create what you really want. If your relationships are not where you want them to be, there is something you’re doing to create those results. Luckily for you, change is nothing more than making  new and improved choice from a better list of options.

What makes this info different from any other approach?

I take an educational approach because I think the root issue is simple misunderstanding. Again, when people know better, they do better. What if no one is really misbehaving and people are just doing the best they can w/ what they have available in the moment? The ManMagnetics™ Formula is designed to give you access to new and better resources.

My girlfriend says…

Be very careful who you take advice from…especially if their relationships aren’t exactly stellar. Your girlfriend’s job is to love you & make you feel better so she has a bit of a conflict. Sometimes she may unknowingly reinforce thoughts, actions and behavior that are not, cannot and will not ever work for you.

Do men object to me giving away their secrets or breaking the bro-code?

I do this work because I believe the arena of intimate or inter-personal relationships may be the single most powerful path to personal development that even exists. I believe we’re all on that path to an enlightenment of some sort…some are further along than others. I have the utmost respect for men and that’s why I teach you how to work to their strengths rather than punish them for any perceived weaknesses. I also believe that the one most powerful ingredient that helps a man stand up & harness his true potential is the love and support of one amazing woman….a woman just like YOU. So, no, my brothers who know my work support what I do and see the tremendous ways it benefits them. Most guys don’t really want to play games either. They just fall into that when there are no better options.

What if I like what I like & don’t want a better way?

If you disagree with my advice, feel free to keep doing what you’re doing. Einstein said you will never solve a problem at the level of thinking that created it. If you want something new and better, you won’t get there by doing the same old thing that never worked before…some strategies just don’t work, can’t work and won’t ever work. So choose carefully…