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The ManMagnetics™ Formula
The difference between a “keeper” – and one you keep away from

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Lee - May 26, 2018

Wait.. did you just say give you feedback for a chance to win a 6 pack sessions with you.. ok .. here goes…
1. you are awesome.. i love the content… all very much about the internal bonding to be an opening for bonding with others, in this case, a significant other, fascinating to have an acronym but how do we memorize and apply this ? review it before each time before meet a man or read it daily.
2. you say you take the educational approach, yest it is helpful but i disagree that this is your approach, while education is key it is your delivery and how it is you drive it home in a session that makes a difference in understanding it and applying it. One of my fave memes is i can explain it to you, i cant understand it for you, some, like you, have to gift to help people bridge btwn the two. Hope it makes the sense to you as it is to me
3. video is awesome AND i wish whatever you are reading off of was more in front of you then to the side as i kept wishing you would look more at the camera…
(i feel like i already won but who am i not to admit that i want the most good stuff , like this, to come my way 😉 )
4. on a private , personal, intimate note… i have a hard time owning my value and just now.. at 43.. learning to go back and go within and accept myself and source my self acceptance.. you are right on when you say it is from within. until i can source my own safety in face of trust, unconscious control moves to address the attachment/ abandonment dance i do, i will not find Mr Right for Me.
With much appreciation, Me 🙂

    coachdave - May 26, 2018

    Lee, thank you so much for this awesome response and the excellent feedback. Yes, I did have a contest to help promote this site when it first launched back in maybe 2012. While I did award a winner back then, I appreciate your suggestions and especially love your kind words…even the constructive feedback on my teleprompter skills back then. 😉
    As for your questions, the MAGNETICS acronym is a useful tool for memorization (mine primarily when I’m teaching it!) but it’s not about memorizing the exact words and order. It’s about AWARENESS of what I’m sharing first. If you asked you a question about any of the individual points and why it’s important, I’d be willing to bet you’d recall it fairly well even after one viewing. You’d have it even better if you took notes. And your recall would go up exponentially every time you viewed it until you’d know it well enough to teach it yourself. After all, repetition is the mother of skill. I can already tell you have a very good understanding of the material and that it resonates with you so that is outstanding and bodes very well for you.
    Lee, I know what you mean about learning new things. I didn’t discover personal development or the great teachers I learned from until my late 30’s…and a divorce…which created the pain that caused me to seek out this learning. While, of course, I wish I had learned it sooner, at the same time, I celebrate that it all happened perfectly since it helped me find my passion. So keep doing this work. I know you will find exactly what you need also. And I am beyond honored that I get to introduce this material and support you on the journey. Again, thank you so very much! <3

Kavitha Baratakke - May 16, 2018

Love this Dave! I can clearly see where I have consistently failed in my previous relationships. I’m so looking forward to working with you on my blindspots when it comes to relationships and men. Being a single mom, I feel like I’m always shouldering a lot of responsibilities at work and at home – I do feel like I spend a lot more time in my masculine than my feminine. I’m admittedly a control freak used to running the show. I’m curious to learn how I can nurture and spend more time in my feminine and let go and let someone take care of me. I’ve struggled with this all my life!

    coachdave - May 17, 2018

    That’s awesome, Kavitha – just having this new awareness is a huge part of making the changes! Once you know better, you can DO better and I’m delighted to help you make these shifts.

Carrie - August 27, 2017

I’m struggling with independence and being easy going when I’m lacking security.

    coachdave - August 27, 2017

    Carrie, I certainly understand what you mean. That whole balancing act can be tough to pull off when you’re not feeling safe AND you have very little evidence to suggest otherwise. The key here is doing the work to know your own value so you’re not reliant on his attention to feel good. The answers you seek won’t be found outside of you or in the actions of a man who’s treating you well. The confidence you seek is INSIDE of you and that will turn everything around for you. If you’d like to discuss this further, please feel free to reach out to me at

pat - August 22, 2017

Wonderful information. I do/did most of what you suggested, but after many years of marriage I did not continue to practice your suggestions as often as I probably should have. Great reminders of what I need to do to up my game. I instinctively did most of the “magnetics” formula, but you explained why what I was doing was so important to my husband. It made so much sense. Thank you. I am amazed that you would offer this video for free. I could never afford to pay for this video, so it is wonderful that you offer hope and real help to women. You are most kind. Thank you.

    coachdave - August 27, 2017

    Pat, thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad you got so much value from some of the reminders of how to “up your game” next time. I’m sure you’ll do even better next time. You sound like a great woman who will definitely learn from her mistakes and get even better. Wishing you all the very best of luck! <3

Michelle - July 19, 2017

Enjoyed your video. It’s very to the point and follows the teachings of Alison Armstrong who it have been listening to. Thank you for your insights.

Ruth Nathan - January 26, 2016

I’ve really enjoyed watching the free videos and already feel better. it seems that the way this man I really like is behaving isn’t, as my girlfriends say, out of order, but just how men behave. I’ve been obsessing far too much and analysing every detail rather than just relaxing and enjoying him.

I’ve paid up for the whole lot now and am eagerly awaiting their delivery. To my inbox I assume??

Camilla - May 17, 2015

Thank you so much Dave for these inspiring videos. I haven’t even finished watching the first one but I felt I had to comment ASAP! I have had relationship troubles for nearly 10 years and I now completely understand what has gone wrong. I feel that my eyes have been opened to a whole new way of thinking. Dave’s philosophy is balanced, intelligent and makes perfect sense. I am do glad that I requested these free videos since I feel that my life has been changed irrevocably for the better. Thank you so much again Dave – you’re my hero!

Melissa Routson - April 26, 2015

I am so glad that I requested to get these free videos. Dave is right, men and women do not understand each other. Men and women are so different. I am new to the dating scene after a divorce. It is very awkward after many years to start dating in this technological world of online dating etc… I have met someone and hopefully have not blown it. I feel that these tapes are going to help so much. Thank you Dave from all the women out there including myself who can really use this information. God Bless You!

    coachdave - April 27, 2015

    Melissa, thanks so much for your comment. Those are the types of kind words that really make what I do so rewarding! If I can help in any way, please reach out and I’d be happy to help.

Sonya - February 5, 2015

Loved the information here in this video. My question is for those of you on dating sites, how do you have a few dates with a great guy and you know that he has other options right under his fingertips and you are not at that point where you are exclusive. How do you set yourself apart from all the other women he can have and get him to want to see more of you if he is dating others?

    coachdave - August 28, 2017

    Sonya, I’m so sorry. I never got notified of this comment and I just found it. The best way to set yourself apart from other women is to do your part to know your own value and show up radiant, graceful and in a good healthy place. I promise you it’s not as common as you think…and men find that level of confidence very, very attractive! Good luck and sending my best!

Robin - April 7, 2014

This information makes a lot of sense and helps explain where I have gone wrong in the past. Thanks!

Julia - May 12, 2013

Ok so now I know all the things I’ve done WRONG… but now I can change them!! Thanks Dave!!!

Wynn - February 7, 2013

Amazing videos. It will really change your life. I learned so much about myself and Dave gave me the tools to change the things that didn’t serve me. Thanks Dave! You really are giving us a great secret!

Lisa T. - February 7, 2013

Ladies!!! I am almost done watching Dave Elliott’s four free videos from his new ManMagnetics program. If you have ever read his posts, you know how incredible and insightful his advice can be. The hours of information in the free videos sum up an incredible wealth of relationship knowledge. Even if you are familar with the principles, you will probably never have the opportunity to have it presented in such a clear, concise and useful manner. I am looking forward to starting the ManMagnetics program and taking advantage of Dave’s coaching. It seems like the perfect start the New Year and possibly find ” A Legendary Love for Life”. I have never met Dave, but the time that I spent reviewing his program seemed like a great step in finally finding a happily ever after…

If you are a Tony Robbins fan, you will especially appreciate the presentation… Happy New Year to Everyone! xoxoxo